Thinking Robot Studios

Restoration of functionality and mobility

Thinking Robot Studios will develop and produce patient-specific implant kits for orthopedic bone and joint reconstruction surgery. We are committed to providing the optimal solution considering the patient's anatomy, pathology and targeted restoration of functionality and mobility. Our team of specialized surgeon/researcher and biomechanical engineers, in consultancy with the treating physician, design each implant based on currently utilized imagining such as CT and MRI combined with our proprietary technology which enables rapid design and production of the kits, at a generic price point. Patient-specific kits will be delivered within 72 hours versus the current production of 4-8 weeks making them an ideal solution.


Our engineering platform enables the designs of medical devices and instruments by integrating over a decade’s experience in the patient-specific approach with methodology based on a modular software system for 3D preoperative planning and parametric driven CAD modeling.


TRS counts on Additive Manufacturing (a.k.a. 3D prinitng) to cover a wide range of processes that can be used to build parts and whole structures by strategically adding material only where we need it. Thus designers can focus on improving a product’s functionality and not worry as much about the manufacturability of the part.


While the needed time for obtaining regulatory approvals, results from clinical trials, market position, etc. takes time for full-scale production capacity, TRS acts as an industrial 3D printing company selling its capacity to other businesses, research centers and universities.