First of its kind combined facility

As a vertically integrated facility, from idea to design, manufacturing to packaging, sterilization to delivery, takes place in one single facility.

Thinking Robot Studios Inc. is constructing one of the first facilities of its kind in Buffalo’s Lakeside Commerce Park. Officially known as an AMF, or Advanced Manufacturing Facility, it goes much further than any other facility globally today. Blending both Advanced Manufacturing and Healthcare facilities together conjoined by advanced AI, or Artificial Intelligence Systems, the TRS facility works together seamlessly and vertically to advance healthcare device manufacturing and patient care. In addition, the TRS facility opens breaking-edge research capabilities to New York State Universities, Colleges and Industries to advance competitiveness globally. TRS is an open-door company with the aim of growing the economy, high impact jobs and its own success.

The very definition of an AMF, Advanced Manufacturing Facility, “…brings a convergence of the latest technologies together to transform every aspect of the production process to make new, better things, faster. Industrial innovations, from new materials science, 3D printing (additive manufacturing) and automation to advanced software platforms and robotics are redefining manufacturing for the future.” (Reference: GE)

No outsourcing, enhanced quality control for a superior product, and no lost jobs to outsourcing. TRS is seeking both FDA and Aerospace certifications to start, with follow-on certifications to come.

Easily meeting LEED Certifications, the TRS AMF facility will also be emissions-free, both clean air and water, intake and discharge, and advanced workplace safety with 100% fresh air and germ-fighting systems for healthy employees.

As a 24/7/365 facility, the TRS AMF, downtime is not an option. Utilizing the latest solar and battery technologies for emissions-free backup. The facility features the latest in environmental controls not just for employees and the community we inhabit, but also for the advanced machinery. It is a living, organic, facility. Constructed with multiple ecosystems for each class of machinery, the facility automatically monitors and adjusts such parameters as humidity, temperature, sound, and vibration to extremely robust parameters.

What this all means is superior products for superior healthcare outcomes, a safe community presence free of emissions, a safe and healthy workplace environment, and a resource for the future. Thinking Robot Studios is a first of its kind combined facility, proud to call Buffalo home.