Patient-Specific Implant Systems

tibial cage

The current practice for orthopedic joint replacement/revision in North America is based on the use of generic implants. There is an average of 70 different components entering the Operating Room (OR) to serve a “make to fit” approach during the surgery. Pre-operative plans are based on the hospital inventory which is often large and confusing.

Thinking Robot Studios supplies to the hospital a Patient-Specific Implant System kit (PSIS kit) consisting of the following:

  • chevron_rightPatient-specific implant components;
  • chevron_rightPatient-specific tool set (i.e., hip broaches, rasps, extractors, etc.);
  • chevron_rightSurgery-specific precision cutting guides;
  • chevron_rightVirtual surgical roadmap (detailed plan and guide for the surgeon);
  • chevron_rightMedical models for planning, education, and reference.

The Patient Specific Implant System can be comprised of any or all the components and tailored to the specific case. In addition to traditional orthopedic operations Thinking Robot Studios will develop Special Implants. These Special implants are developed under our proprietary and unique manufacturing process. These Special Implants are designed to repair bone loss after cancer treatment, correct different types of deformities and solve unique complications including infections. The complexity of these Special Implants and subsequent surgical sets is not cost effective for traditional manufacturing processes and that is why a large group of patients are sometimes untreatable.

Thinking Robot Studios utilizes our proprietary Smart Implant Technology to monitor and report patient compliance and health post-operative.

Our patient specific implant system simplifies hospital logistics by drastically reducing the facilities inventory. In addition, The Patient Specific Implant System reduces the number of components including surgical tools utilized in the operating room during the surgical procedure.