Our mission is to provide individuals who require orthopedic surgery solutions that are specifically tailored for them.

Thinking Robot Studios Patient Specific Implant Systems feature:

  • chevron_rightPatient-specific to patient’s anatomical requirements
  • chevron_rightMatches patient’s bone morphology and bone mechanical properties to allow minimum bone loss, stress to the musculoskeletal system and maximum pain relief
  • chevron_rightRestore joint’s kinematics and patient’s gait to bring maximum comfort to the patient
  • chevron_rightDelivered fully sterile to the Operating Room in 72 hours
  • chevron_rightInstrumentation designed and produced for the specific case to allow for increase surgical precision
  • chevron_rightSurgeon-specific and Pre-operative planning performed in effective collaboration with Patient Specific Implant System designer
  • chevron_rightDetailed pre-operative patent-specific surgical technique guideline confirmed by the surgeon
  • chevron_rightReduce stress to the surgery team, reduce operating time and decrease hospital inventory
  • chevron_rightProprietary Intelligent and Integrated mechanical and bio- sensors within Patient Specific Implant System monitor and send information during the rehabilitation period to allow for positive clinical outcome
  • chevron_rightThinking Robot Studios Patient Specific Implant Systems cost structure will remain within the current generic implant reimbursement system